Yeah I understand the Lifetime stats part, which is what I would have guessed, but CS:S is so... outdated? I can understand anywhere from 2006-2009 but after the decline of players to other games.. theres not TO much prize money out there unless your on one hell of a serious team that still goes to tournaments for cash prizes. In which case those players, do not play on pubs like ours, they go to de_train / nuke / ferno to practice.

so my question is, are these lifetime stats for future teams your trying to apply for?
No, it was just by personal choice. I simply wanted to keep my main accounts stats clean. Not only do I mess around in pubs on this one, but as said earlier, it is shared between a friend or two. I don't want them making my stats worse either.


EDITED for my 6 demos in 1 download (to make it easier) and the one blatant one off another server (same name and steam id)

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MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

The fact that you almost never miss, 9/10 kills are headshots, and just by looking at your aim is enough to tell me you're bullshit. Watch these demos in slow motion (press Shift F2). You shoot, then the crosshair goes to the head. That is pretty obvious to me.


Would also like to throw this in. Notice everytime he goes in with a different gun wether it be a hand gun, or the mac 10 he used, he turns around runs back stops, then runs in to shoot. I think that's where he toggles off. Noticed it on office where he ran in with the hand gun trying to go to paper, and on dust with the mac 10.
Obviously there isn't any way to argue this without coming off like an ass, so I guess I pretty much just have to come off as an ass.

You have some isolated cases on your hands where I have had lucky whip shots. I cant justify how those shots worked (IE the shots where the shot was fired with the scope off target, but the gun was moved in time that the shot hit) but I guess it's possible. I can entirely understand being called out in this situation, because yes, it clearly looks like hacking. Because of such, I realize that I hold no arguing grasp, but put simply, I don't toggle hacks.

By this point, I've essentially given up on getting back to 47R, as I can see that those who have removed me stand their ground with authoritative boots.


These aren't the only cases... If what you're saying is true, then all of your kills are lucky shots, because lets face it, they were all pretty much like this.
I urge you to watch the 47Ronin pub gameplay video I made and posted earlier Here. I don't see any shots like that in there. I'm a legitimate player, and at this point, it's a matter of whether you guys believe me or not (which by the banned tag, I'm going to say you don't).

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You realize that any evidence that you provide that you made is subject to extremely strict scrutiny since you are requesting the unban.