In Game Nickname: {NSB}Driver
Date Banned: Today (9/5/2011)
Reason of ban: (If known) Aimbot
Admin that banned you: Not disclosed
Why we should unban you: Because put simply, I don't use an aimbot. I've been playing at the server for most of the time that I have owned this account (quite recently purchased), and many will surely recognize my name. Now, I'm not surprised if to some I appear to be cheating. Being a scouter, I get a lot of headshots (I believe my ratio at time of ban was .88), but if you spec me, I play legitimately. I always have, and I always will.

I have read the report that was already made on me on the forums, and I'd like to explain that too. I hold two CSS accounts: One of them is my original, which I have recently decided to only use in Tournaments, while the one I have been using on 47R's servers is a pub account I just recently purchased off of another forum. The account was clearly used for hacking, and because of such, the number of servers I have access to is greatly limited.

I really do hope to return to playing with you guys. The crowd here was great, and I don't want to leave any time soon.

el jorge loco

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So what you're saying is that you had an account where you did hack, but because this one is the one you say you ONLY use for tournaments so you don't hack on it? Is that an accurate summary of your defense to the charge of aimbotting/hacking?


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I believe what he is saying is that he has an original account he uses for tournaments and doesn't hack on, then he purchased a second account from a forum (Why a new account and why the hell off a forum?) And whoever owned the account before him hacked. Having a story like this, true or not, is not likely going to help you get unbanned. Its going to leave people with questions and think you're full of BS when you say "I purchased an account and someone else hacked on it, not me"
honestly, i have never had a problem with him. he's relatively new to the server, but i again, he does mostly scout with should get you more headshots. when it comes down to it, if you get behind his team and close to him, he does get owned pretty easily. sorry bro... it's true. :) just my opinion, a lot of others seem to think otherwise...
The account I play on 47R's servers with is the purchased one. My main steam account is used for tournaments.

I purchased the account because it was being sold as a clean, unbanned CSS account for $5. The game at the time of purchase was still $19.99. Of course, I was rather annoyed to see that it had been banned from so many servers, but it still allows me pub gaming for $5 instead of $20 (Which is all I intended on using it for). I can understand that the story may sound flaky, but that's just how it is.

Thank you for testifying that I am indeed mortal, Hamburglar, haha.
yea personally i always enjoyed his company on server and he has been playing here for a while. After looking at the demos however his legitimacy is definitely in question. Also the fact that he applied to get unbanned also shows how much he likes our server.


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Personally asking, why would you purchase a second account, just to play cs:s wether or not its tournament or just a pub?
Personally asking, why would you purchase a second account, just to play cs:s wether or not its tournament or just a pub?
Partially because CSS added lifetime stats (Wanted to keep my main account tourney only stats) and partially to share with a friend (so that I didn't have to give him the pass to my main with all my games on it.)


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Yeah I understand the Lifetime stats part, which is what I would have guessed, but CS:S is so... outdated? I can understand anywhere from 2006-2009 but after the decline of players to other games.. theres not TO much prize money out there unless your on one hell of a serious team that still goes to tournaments for cash prizes. In which case those players, do not play on pubs like ours, they go to de_train / nuke / ferno to practice.

so my question is, are these lifetime stats for future teams your trying to apply for?