Dota 2

Hell yeah! I'm a big dota fan but I don't play anymore just because its limited to the wc3 engine. I moved to HoN then went to LoL. I spend most of my time on LoL and really looking forward to dota2!

I was playing dota before it got super big :3
I will be playing it Dota its my main game. I played With MyM.demon on his first team hi2u and I use to 2v2(ladder) with, both are current pros now who are playing for the million dollars.


The 47 Ronin
I remember playing Dota way back in beta and stuff 5-6years ago :D cant wait for Dota2 to come out but Valve better not fuck it up.

Do we need to purchase this game?
I'm pretty sure its you will need to purchase it like how you purchased wc3. If anything we might get lucky and it'll be F2P since all other games like it right now are F2P.