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The 47 Ronin
Should have broke in half due to havoc's half a fuckin G donation goddamn dude. what size piggy bank u have? I have one of those medium sized ones. you got a XXL? Thanks for the donation though ^_^



The 47 Ronin
Lol yea when i saw the donation status i thought i was hallucinating when i saw Havoc-$500 had to look 3 times to make sure i was right XD

Dam i wish i had a piggy bank like Havoc mine is probably XS with pennies =/

Thanks for the donation Havoc!!


Staff member

No, I didn't fuck up a decimal. Just been in an inexplicably awesome and giving mood lately. I hate to sound like a dick but my finances are very well off right now. living with your parents has it perks. Ie. no expenses. And I have been pretty diligent about saving my money. Plus, things are going well for our little logging company. So why not share the wealth? I've had sooo much fun being apart of this community and to me it seems like we are just on the crest of something so lets make the push and become bigger and better than ever. :D

I appreciate the posts guys but every singe donation, no matter if its $1 or $1000000, are what keep us going. S0 a big thank you to everyone who has ever thrown some dollars our way.

Jenn I think you might like Florida a bit better than Oregon ;) lol


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Zmog!!!!!! I think that is the largest donation to the clan for as long as I have been a member!!! You rock Havoc... your a gentleman and a scholar!!