Does anyone else find this amusing and a bit funny?

So we all know that the S&P downgraded the US debt which sent shockwaves across the stock market. However, people who were worried the downgrade would hurt the economy ended up buying T-Bills in droves with the money they got from selling their stocks. If anything, it helps the government because when they auction off T-Bills they can demand a lower rate of return from investment banks.

Note: my stocks have dropped like crazy. Juniper went from 25 when I got it to 35 before dropping to 22. Exxon went from 73 to 82 (remember, they also give out dividends) before dropped to 70. Nexflix went from 220 to 295 before dropping to 240s. Just got to wait it out I guess...


The 47 Ronin
Hmm.. I foward this notion to a new world! a free gov.t would weed out the bad ones real quick lol, see how long they last.
What Obama should have done is invoked the 14th amendment instead of being this great wannabe compromiser. the 14th amendment was created for this exact reason. If the Tea Party doesn't want revenue increases combined with a lower tax bracket then ball up and invoke it.
whats your estimate on when it'll crawl back up? and by crawl.. I mean crawllllll
Depends really on the stock. Netflix and Juniper have tons of growth potential so they will regain relatively fast (maybe 2 months). Other stocks from "mature companies" will gain at a slower rate but they didn't drop as much. For instance, Exxon is mature and as a percentage didn't get hit as hard as Netflix. The only way to BEST PREDICT the market is to look at past trends. People think they can beat the market but theoretically they don't unless there are rare fluctuations.
"I could end the deficit in five minutes. You just pass a law that says that any time there's a deficit of more than three percent of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election. Yeah, yeah, now you've got the incentives in the right place, right?" - Warren Buffett