DICE: it takes 100 hours to complete a kit and unlock everything


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That's quite a lot.. much more than I had thought it would be. I guess they want real players not fly by night boys or otherwise people would level kits quite quickly and would be annoying to most newer players.


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they pretty much force you (for the most part) to use one kit most of the time. But if it's like BC2 then there should be some weapons that can be used with all classes.

edit: hahaha yeah Ice that was insane in BHD. But THE most insane rank up was when BF2 was first released. It might have taken a decade to get to the highest rank, and you have to be the number one player in the world. When they lowered all the rank requirements I was very happy, went up like 3 ranks and got 3 new weapons to unlock.


Huh. It probably only took me 20 hours to get the full sniper kit for BC2. Probably closer to 15. I guess this means you will get a really good feel for each gun.