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diablo 3 skill runes


idk if anyone checked this out but skill runes are gonna be in the game, and they change what your skills do completely ...
watch both of these...

Captain Cap

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I don't know if I can ever trust Blizzard on a release date. At the GameStop by my house, they put the damn SC2 boxes up on the wall, said they'd release it very soon, and it took like another 16 months for the game to get released, and they STILL fucked up and forgot to lock framerates, effectively raping tons of video cards.

This shit was supposed to be 09 before, then like 2011, I'm going to predict September 21st, 2012.


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Well I've updated my game-sheet to BF3/CS:GO and D3 regardless, I love how customizable the game can be, that really makes the game unique as to who you play with and how you play. I'm glad they've taken the time to put alot of effort into the game. It has to live up to its ancestor in a lot of ways, this game was for many of us our child hood.