Diablo 3: Not coming out this year.

That's right, who called it? This guy. My guess was summer 2012, however, now that they've said 2012, I'm going to change my prediction to 2013.

In all seriousness, all their pushing back has completely extinguished any desire I have to play it.

el jorge loco

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Well the problem is that they have very little incentive to pump out games like Activision does with CoD. WoW is their main business, and all their other titles boost their profits even more. They make great games, but it's frustrating as hell.
theyve been saying it wont come out till early next year for a while now. its more of a good thing if you ask me, more time to polish the game.


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I saw this coming a mile away.
I bet the reason they didn't release was because BF3,MW3, and GoW3....those games are going to be sell out all the way until Christmas.
Too many big hits to compete against....no matter if they are telling us that the game is not ready yet...that's just a bunch of b/s they are telling us.
They are smart for doing this and if I was the CEO I would have done the same thing.

Blizzard is well known for not releasing their games when big hit titles hit the shelves around the same time.