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Name: Jeff Tan
Age: 27
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
In Game nicknames/ nicknames: Dev
Your favorite hobbies: CSS, Working-out, snowboarding, basketball, and watching football (NFL)
Your favorite movie: Pulp Fiction
Games you play: CSS, CSGO, xbox Gears of war, x box arcade marvel vs capcom 2
How many hours a week are you online: about 30 hours a week
Your previous squad/team: DragonBorn
Why did you leave your last squad: Owner drop the squad.
How long have you been playing on the server: I have been playing on the server about 4 years now, I known Buddhist for about 5 years and Jorge, Kami, acumeon, Rush, Aion, just recently but have played with them on the server for roughly 4 years.
Why do you want to join 47 ronin: Everytime I play CSS I always jump into the 47 ronin server. It fills up fast and the people that play on the server always create a great enviornment, and challenge. And all the admins and members are always willing to help when needed. Even if I live far away than most members I feel as though most of them are my close friends. I will always follow server rules and be active in the community.
Tell us about yourself : I work as a Plumber/Gasfitter installing drainage pipes, boiler systems and potable water for new condos that are being built in the city, Currently finishing up my apprenticeship at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta all my life coldest its ever been up here is -40 degrees celsius. And lastly I always played video games since atari days its amazing how technology has progressed since then.


The 47 Ronin
Hey we gave you Justin bieber, drake and all dem folks give us a chance.
For once... I'm going to thank Canada for Justin Beiber because he has made Selena Gomez go a little nutty and fill the internet with very nice images of herself.


The 47 Ronin
Your parents must've been holding onto that Atari for a long time cuz I'm pretty sure the the Atari days were before your time. :p I think I got my NES for Xmas of '85 or '86 and the Atari 2600 got left in the dust. :D


The 47 Ronin
Oh look, you finally made it to the forums! :p welcome... don't mind the smell, that's just A-Rich's dying gaming PC.

oh wait, what? TK dropped DB? lol