Deus X Human Revolution

Well I cheated a little last night and got it early.

The game is a mix of splinter cell/Mass Effect. Near future settings with the atmospheric feeling of Blade Runner.
The story line is pretty good so far, a little predictable, but still good.

If you liked the first one this one rocks. I'm playing it more stealth than run-n-gun and it's proving to be a challenge.

The only complaint so far is the loading times are out of control. I moved it to SSD and it still takes a while to load.

Pretty good game though, worth the purchase if you like splinter cell / mass effect. Good action RPG.

el jorge loco

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Cutscene, thank you for alleviating my fears. I had this pre-ordered through Gamestop (didn't want to hit up my cousin's tonight to download it all night just to find out it was a flop).

Cool, glad I am getting rid of my Trade Secrets Memo out of the way right now so I can enjoy this.

el jorge loco

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Blood, even though a lot of folks didn't enjoy the second one, I thought it had some redeeming qualities that made it re-playable. I doubt this one will be as "disappointing" as Invisible War.


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I've been interested in this game, been playing a lot of mass effect 2 recently and I can defiantly see the similarities. Im hesitant to buy any new games with BF3 beta and release right around the corner.


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Yep, steam is making a bank out of all these games, yet they are doing a poor job providing reliable service..
It's time for steam to upgrade their network.
Back to topic, I am going to watch some YouTube video's on the game play.
I did enjoy Mass Effect, so this might be very good.
The game is a mix of splinter cell/Mass Effect. Near future settings with the atmospheric feeling of Blade Runner.
dude blade runner was such a kick ass game back in the day...
and I love the work they put into the in game cutscenes... pretty nice to watch if you ask me, I just tested this game out today. not bad, but Im not a fan of shooter games that arent multiplayer as they tend to be a boring grind of, shoot this bot, shoot this other bot, heres another, oh that ones behind some boxes.
BUT, what is really cool, is before the mission, you can choose to go lethal or non lethal, and choose a ranged or close up weapon, if you choose non lethal you get tranqs, pretty unique if you ask me.