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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

el jorge loco

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Before I start writing about this game, I'd like to point out that I pre-ordered the Augmented Edition from Gamestop. As you may or may not know, Gamestop's regular edition had an issue of On-Live license keys, which were given away for free by Eidos Montreal in all regular packages of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. They opened a few of these packages, and then proceeded to offer (after much anger from Gamestop loyalists) not only $50 store credit gift cards, and a buy two get 1 free credit for purchasers of the normal version (oddly enough not the Augmented Edition purchasers).

In addition to Gamestop's flub, Eidos Montreal released with their Augmented Editions a bonus disc which is clearly labeled as a DVD, but is, in fact, a Blu Ray disc. While the bonus content on this disc is merely soundtrack samples and art work, many users expressed lament, but also expect to be returned some sort of attention by Eidos Montreal with a release of digital content.

Gameplay is essentially easy to learn. Point and click for the most part. Even if you've never played FPS-RPGs in the past, it's fairly easy to pick up even without the unnecessary tutorial (note it's there if you need it). There are a few things that you should probably use the tutorial for to understand certain actions, such as hacking. However, it takes about two seconds to figure out without the tutorial. For the most part, most of the most useable guns you'll need are available pretty much when you start the game (pistol, revolver, combat rifle, shotgun), you just pick what works for you best.

What I honestly love best about this game is that sub-missions aren't always clearly pointed out to you as to how to be completed. It tells you waypoints, but you get to choose how to get there. You can be sneaky, you can go in with force, or you can do a mix of both. Creating pathways in many cases earns you recognition via additional experience points.

Essentially this game is all about endless choices in a limited space. Using certain augments gives you certain advantages of course. It's all about balancing your use of praxis, which is the in-game upgrade points for your augments. 2 to activate a new augment, 1 to upgrade it to it's next level/iteration.

While certainly not as epic as the original Deus Ex, Human Revolution is on par with the second Mass Effect, though a bit short. Even playing a full stealth character, the game rolls by very quickly, but it doesn't diminish the storyline itself. From start to finish, you are part of the character, even with the annoyingly long introduction that you can't skip. But I guarantee you, don't skip it. Don't skip the cutscenes (even if you've seen them on your umpteenth replay). Your decisions affect the game world in many ways from guards not being present after a certain point to characters reacting differently to your appearance.

Control Scheme
At first I was a bit offput by mouse sensitivity, but after I played around with the controls, everything worked out splendidly. It plays like a standard FPS with RPG elements, so you have to figure out your keyboard configuration to use efficiently. Though the standard WSAD for movement/strafing, use button, etc. Leaning is achieved by combination with your mouse and A+D keys.

Complaints + Bugs, Etc.
(1) Load screen times. Even with the patches, load screens are still atrocious
(2) Minor lag-glitches in-game as a result of video settings. I have medium-high settings on my laptop, and it is running around 90-100 FPS, which is good, especially since this game has quite a lot of eyecandy. However, the game will occasionally freeze somewhere if you move your view too quickly.
(3) Short. The game is relatively short, and interaction at locale's is considerably shorter than the original version. Where you had a large area to explore in NY (Battery Park, Statute of Liberty, UNATCO HQ, Hell's Kitchen, Subway system) in the original game, the third installment has you interacting with key areas and occasionally hidden areas, apartment buildings. You start in Detroit, and it is locked down for some reason.

Overall, this game is really worthy of an 8-9 for me. If you are contemplating getting this game, I highly suggest waiting for sale. The price-tag itself is off-putting. But if you really want to play it, get it. I know a few of us have it including Havoc and Cutscene. I know they have their own two cents, and even this Review is limited. Ask me more if you want to know it.


The 47 Ronin
Great reviiew! Im also playing the game and Im infatuated with tthe storyline, infact I read every little thing tthat cross's my path. I even had a dream last night that I was jensen (deus ex) XD. His a true bad ass. Im glad they made this game, I havnt seen one like this before, its almost like metal gear solid, a lttle less arcadey though and more like splinter cell with a twist.


fuzion you just sparked soo many memories of me playing metal gear solid 1 for the ps1 back in my childhood.

Stabbin' Hobo

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Playing it right now as well. So far, I am loving it. Have you all played the original? It's one of my favorite games of all time.