Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I'm not sure about it yet...
im pretty sure i commented on this earlier

The previous ones were pretty goood,

And i beleive you said you heard they were solid.

Well anyways, this is one of the games im getting 4 sure when it comes out, i liked the previous ones.

I wonder if there will be an online multi-player aspect to it.

el jorge loco

Staff member
If you didn't blood, I woulda brought this up.

I LOVE Deus Ex, and am tempted to pre-purchase this right now. However, if I start playing this, I will stop working on any other shit. I don't know if this will be worth 45 bucks tho.
I never played the first one but I plan on playing this one. Eye candy for sure. I've always heard the stories were good and this looks to be pretty good also.

Don't plan on playing multiplayer though. I think if they do have multiplayer it will be like Splinter Cell where it's kinda imba and doesn't work well.

el jorge loco

Staff member
The original Deus Ex did have a multiplayer portion, and it was very mod based even though the multiplayer section integrated the game mechanics (hacking terminals and turrets, heavy mechs, and character and weapon mods). I played a little bit at lan parties, but it just didn't gain the popularity it could have like CS did.

So if they do offer it and they keep it similar to the original game, I would be down for the multiplayer mode.