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BANNED Derik - aimbot

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el jorge loco

Staff member
Name: Derik
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:54742140
Length: Permanent
Reason: Aimbot

I was watching this guy after Gullit mentioned something. So I took a rather long demo after watching a few really spectacular one deags. Unlike our pal ph0en1x who is admittedly good at one deags, this guy was bhopping all over the place and getting one deags. Once in awhile, maybe that's possible. However, I don't buy it.

If he wants to contest, I've posted the demo for everyone to review.

Sorry, it is on the long side.


Sir Dies Alot

The 47 Ronin
Just watched the demo. Good ban. Jumping headshots...crosshair wasn't even near the target and he got the headshots....wallbang through mid door from ct spawn to t spawn headshot. at one point he even emptied the whole deag clip into wall and the bullet holes were still in the same spot....0 change. Definite Aimbot.
Not open for further replies.