Delta Force: Angel Falls


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It's been over a year since they last announced about this game.

Here is the most recent information on it:

Just thought the community may be interested in our CEO's response to one of our fans:

Dear Mr. xxxxxx,

We have never forgotten our fans. This is why we have been working very long hours for several years to bring you a totally new experience and a game that won't disappoint.
We are very close to officially starting Beta testing the "Angel Falls" project (we will be looking for a fair number of testers). We are currently at Alpha, and our current focus is game-play.

I can tell you that this game plays better than any product we have ever created and we will keep on refining it until its release later this year. If you liked DF and Joint Ops, you will like Angel Falls. Managing communications with the fans is a tricky proposition, and I will not be responding again through this e-mail, but feel free to pass this on.

Thank you for your loyalty.


John A. Garcia


From: A Loyal Fan
Sent: Monday, April 04, 2011 7:11 PM
To: John Garcia
Subject: Question For the CEO

Dear Mr Garcia,

My name is xxxxxx, im from Belfast Ireland. Ive been a loyal fan of nova games since 1995, i own every nova pc title and expansion. Ive been waiting for Angel Falls to be released for a long time. The community feels like nova has turned its back on its fans in recent years. We are all crying out for answers as to what the situation is with Angel Falls. I would like to know as do a lot of nova fans when will Angel Falls be released? Please Mr Garcia provide some information. There is a serious lack of communication on novas part and fans are getting more frustrated as to the lack of announcements on the progress of the game. Im a diehard fan of delta force and joint ops. They are my favourite games. Ive had 15 good years playing nova games and i want to look forward to another 15 good years. Please Mr Garcia could you answer my question?

One of many loyal fans

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