Deer Season


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hunting is bad :( poor animals!
Your next statement after this one better read; "I don't eat any meat products, ever!".

Hunting is actually very healthy and normal, look where it has gotten us as a species. Many animals today have few or limited predators leading to rapidly growing populations that lead to famine and diseased animals. One such in the US is the wild boar, there is a reason that animal now has a show on cable cause they are wreaking havoc across the US; my answer is hand every man woman and child a free hunting license for one of these animals..


el jorge loco

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Well in Baldwin v. Fish & Game of Montana, the court clearly said that hunting by citizens of other States is not considered an economic necessity.
My view is on this is pretty simple. I'm all for gun owning and hunting as long as 1. you waste none of what you kill and 2. it's not a senseless kill, meaning if you can't eat it and it's not hurting you or anyone else, why kill it. This is coming from a retired army vet who loves weapons but I see no sense in randomly killing one of gods creatures simply for a thrill. Deer, elk, bear, moose all edible food (bear jerky is by far the best jerky ever) but lions, elephants, and other creatures we really don't eat (maybe elephants I'm not sure on that part) but unless the lion is killing man and the elephant is going on a rampage why not take a picture of it as a trophy and say " see, I tracked that creature myself and took this shot". Would last a lifetime plus others could do the same. My views differ from al-qaeda, kill em, hang em up on a wall for all of those who believe killing another human being simply for believing differently than you is stupid. We don't we hunt them and kill them for killing innocent victims, In fact it's a known fact for a while that the United states (even I was given these direct orders) "will not kill or harm any member of al-qaeda that throws down there arms, Protests the killings of others for religious reasons, and helps the United nations in finding those that will kill innocents". they choose not too though.
Got anything yet ,i just got the western deer general and not much luck,as far as view i agree with George,don"t just kill for fun,you think you are tough get a knife and go hunt a bear or a cougar but don't go with $3000 wort of equipment and take a shot from 300 yards,get close and personal and then get all the tropfee you can if you can:)
Just got home around 8:30. Got a nice sized forky Friday afternoon. Hung him out last night and cut him up this morning. Its about a 9 hour drive to where I hunt in Oregon. First time going and was with two of my Uncles. One didnt think I had it in me to shoot, but I had no qualms pulling the trigger.

And the meat wont go to waste, hell, got two forkies between the three of us. Venison will last for the next two years or so until we get drawn again (it goes about every other year they get tags).