Death Note

If you like to think.
Don't get annoyed when you don't understand something.
Enjoy very logical story.
Damn good voice acting.

You may like Death Note.
The first act is quite enjoyable, the second, was eh.
Light is a pretty interesting character.
You definitely cheer for the bad guy.
I agreed with everything you just said. Death Note was an awesome story. I waited every week to watch it. I always wanted to know what was gunna happen next.

Totally unrelated but has the same intensity of when Light writes in the deathnote, this manga has been referenced as Fap Note (because its about the main character fapping) lol. The act work is really good and I enjoyed the story as well.

el jorge loco

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Reasons to love Death Note:
Everything Lost Said

Reasons to Hate Death Note (and not really hate the actual series):
The fans who go to Cosplay events dressing as any of the characters from Death Note... aka "I came in with my PJs and didn't wash my hair or sleep the past few nights, now I am L."
The reason behind the Death Note cosplay is because it was that good. They even have live action movies (which weren't that great).
With that said, Yagami Light and L we're both awesome characters to watch and follow. Their battle of the minds was enticing and intense. It was ironic that Light had good intentions but was the villain and that L was actually the "good guy" you can say.

el jorge loco

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Jake, I got no problem with the show. I loved it. I watched it in its original Japanese, and I even set up this girl's phone to ring off like Misa's phone during that first incidental meet between L, Light & Misa at the university.

I just thought it was disturbing to see how lazy cosplay had gotten. Even Naruto Cosplays are annoying because all it is is: oh look, I got this cape, now I'm a part of that organization that all the bad guys are in (didn't watch Naruto after the 1st season)
Haha I suppose you're right. They just want to be the cool kids ya know? But some cosplay outfits are simply in design but I understand what you're trying to get at.
Okay we all agree that the live action is shitty and that the anime and manga pwn hahaha. I don't know why most live actions are so bad. Some are actually good though.

el jorge loco

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Like Lost, I heard about it, but I thought it was ridiculous. Sometimes I don't understand folks who try to make live-action versions of Anime/Manga. Maybe they're trying to bring some sort of legitimacy to these stories by making them live action, but I think Anime/Manga are a great art-form and manner to portray almost impossible actions in great stories (for the most part) with amazing characters.

Death Note could have been done well in some areas with the live action, but let's face it, you throw in a notebook that let's you kill people with death gods who lord over these events in weird get-ups and it just makes it impossible to enjoy realistically.

Word up.