Dead rising 2 for PC.

Game: Dead rising 2

Maker: capcom

genre: 3rd person shooter/zombie


So this game before I bought it I was initially not going to get it due to the fact I played the first one on xbox360 and found it was alright but a little slow paced. However, the fact that it supports multiplayer and has more zombies and tons more melee and weapon combination features I decided to try it out. Now, this is no Left 4 dead, killzone or even the zombie shooter for cod, it seems like a slower paced do what you want type of game and it really is in a sense that you can do whatever you want and take pretty much any challenge you want. So first the gameplay, the xbox 360 version with the controls was difficult to aim and shoot with. considering it does not have any auto-aim feature means you do have to actually aim right at the zombie you are trying to shoot. That being said I never really liked the xbox controls for any first person/ third person shooter but on the pc it's great with a mouse. Theres hardly any lag from the moment you aim to the moment you shoot. the melee is great with only one little beef, if you miss calculate the swing and miss the swing actually draws you into the zombie, and he can then attack you. The melee is not as fast even with combo swings and if you're surrounded by zombies god help you because you're swing (unless you have the long sword) does not hit any zombies other than the ones you're aiming at. Now the zombies may seem slow but once they surround you there a pain in the ass to kill.

it's hammer time.

if you melee and miss this usually ends up the result.

The only other beef I would have is the fact that if you have a rescued person following you and you swing at a zombie you can hit and damage the person you are trying to save. when they are being attacked and you swing on the zombie that has them, well you hit them and they can get upset and actually turn there back on you and attack you. so thats the only beef I have with this game. now the fun part, multiplayer, it's awesome, fun and fun (said it twice because it was that much fun). you have combos as friends, mess around and use golf clubs and balls to tee off on some zombies, have fun with sports like football and stuff it's actually a lot of fun and I would recommend the game just for the multiplayer because it's that much fun. Seriously, have a friend attract zombies, have the other friend kick a soccerball and watch the soccer ball continuously bounce off each zombies head, then repeat. or have a tricycle race around the mall on little kids tricycles while mowing over zombies.

The point system is also a nice touch and it does make you want to complete the missions just to get more combo kills and xp points. Although you can go around earning combo points and xp points by just killing zombies but it will take quite a while to do so. And dressing up in just about any outfit with any combo is hilarious and it even gives you certain skills with each way you dress up your character.


The final conclusion is besides the fact that it is a timed-based game and the melee is just slightly sluggish the over all game is fun, great for passing time and a blast with multiplayer. rated one through ten I would give it a 7 out of 10 bowel movements.