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Dead Island


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The new game Dead Island that is set to release in 5 hours can be purchased for 33.96 using this site/code.

The website is Green Man Gaming

Create an account on their site.
Log in with that account.
Search Dead Island.
Click pre-order.
Then you should see a box that says voucher.
Enter READY-UPDEA-ISLAN into the box and the price should drop once its refreshed.

Once you purchase that they will send you an E-mail of the receipt for the purchase and around the bottom of the E-mail will be your activation code and directions on how to activate that code on steam.

GL and HF guys.


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I wish I could play it! Thats why I hate Gen for already having it downloaded


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Man, I would love to get this, but I barely have enough time to play a single game :(
Thanks Genitalia for sharing this with us! Very useful!