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Dead Island Riptide Xbox 360 Review


The 47 Ronin
This is my review for the game Dead Island Riptide for the Xbox360 I will be using Jorges format so thank you for that post Jorge ;)

Title: Dead Island Riptide

Dead Island Riptide
has had a ton of negative reviews, but I am here to explain why it really is not that bad. It has minor bumps that can sway you away if you are really only playing for the graphics or story. If you are into zombie kills, blood and a ton of jumps...then this is a game for you :)

Platform: Xbox360


The characters in the game include 5 playable characters including 1 new character playable only in Riptide. Each have their own special ability. Each is immune to the virus.

Xian Mei -Xian Mei is the undercover police officer from Hong Kong working as a hotel receptionist at the Royal Palm Springs. She is the "Sharp Weapon Expert", with her skills and fighting style described as one of a rogue's expertise, being quick with the knives and fast on her feet. Her skill tree has three categories, Fury, Combat, and Survival with her rage mode granting her the ability to swing her weapons with greatly increased damage and speed.
Sam B - Sam B is a rap artist, singing his famed one-hit wonder, Who Do You Voodoo, Bitch? He belongs to the tank class, being the "Blunt Weapon Expert". Due to his class, he will be the more likely target for zombies instead of the other three heros because of his increased health and able to absorb more attacks. He is effective with blunt weapons over blades and guns.

Logan - Logan is an ex-football star who once played on a Texas team, he is on vacation in Banoi. Classified as the Jack-of-all-Trades class, he is efficient with throwing weapons, labeled as the "Throwing Expert". His skill tree categories include Bullseye, Combat, and Survival and his rage mode consists of super speed and increased damage with throwing knives. With his class, he is average in just about everything.

Purna - Purna is an ex-cop of the Sydney Police Department and now serves as a bodyguard for various VIPs. A "Ranged Weapons Expert", Purna is skilled with firearms, especially during her rage mode where she gains the ability to take quick and accurate head shots with her handgun that she keeps in her holster. She also has the ability, as the Leader, to provide bonuses and perks to the other heroes.

John Morgan - John was a Navy cook who grew up on the Banoi archipelago and joined the Australian Navy. He has trained himself - and become a master - in hand-to-hand combat. His rage mode includes him to use a staff like weapon with devastating speed and power. He is exclusive to Riptide

The storyline in Riptide is pretty generic and you will be able to see twists and turns coming, nonetheless progressing in the story unlocks more zombies to kill and ranking you up in levels, which can be all too addicting.

Riptide takes place immediately after the ending of Dead Island, with the four immune survivors - ex-American Football player Logan Carter, rapper Sam B, waitress from the Banoi Hotel Xian Mei, and Purna , ex-Police officer fired for killing a pedophile - landing on a military ship after escaping from the prison island. They are immediately taken into custody by the Australian Defense Force, Colonel Sam Hardy and Frank Serpo, a civilian VIP. In the ship's brig, they meet another immune survivor, ADF Sergeant John Morgan, who claims he was part of a humanitarian effort on a nearby island until Serpo showed up and halted the mission.

Story progression takes roughly 20+ hours to complete not including the side missions with 80 missions total to complete.

The farther you progress in the story the more powerful perks you can unlock, the highest level to achieve is 70 and you begin the game at level 15 or you may import a previous saved character from Dead Island to play with the same level from previous game. It is terribly addicting to run around and exploring every nook and cranny of the map until you have discovered every location. Repetitive side missions which include saving someone who is trapped high above a horde of zombies and saving them only rewards you in a couple thousand dollars. It ranges from finding a survivors family member to finding canned food thrown all across the map. The core game play mechanic which is the role playing portion makes you continuing to come back for more.

You will be logging many many hours trying to achieve a higher level to unlock more perks or possibly just co-op with a couple of friends. You are able to join lobbies with 2-4 players if you would like the difficulty of the zombie infested world to increase. They make it easy to join and drop out of games, if you are near a player around the same level it gives you the option to "join". Gameplay is enjoyable by itself but it is by far better with other players. The workbench has made a return and upgrading your weapons all the way is just as addicting as ever. Only negative side of this is the weapons degrade rather quickly over time. No matter if you have fully upgraded and have the perk to increase the sturdiness of your weapon..still doesn't matter.

Overall the pure gameplay is as fun as ever and chopping off the limbs and the new diverse infected zombies make the next turn just as challenging and exciting as the last.

The games controls are easy to use. They can sometimes be unresponsive when being mauled by a few zombies and sometimes pressing "B" to use a medkit will use multiple medkits instead of just one. Besides a few hiccups the controls are easy and they compliment eachother.


Dead Island Riptide has beautiful graphics. TECHLAND did an amazing job with the details of the world, blood effects and the scenery. Texture popping can be seen quite a bit but that is diffused once you download the game to your HDD. However the game does have quite a bit of flaws. In the beginning of the game the water moves in "unnatural" ways and the design on the characters did take a hit. FPS drops sometimes when you come up to a body of water or when a ton of destruction and massacre is unfolding in front of your eyes. Both unfortunately is not fixable even when downloaded to your HDD. Minor bumps and bruises are noticable but overall the game still manages to "WOW" you every once and awhile.

Voice Acting

Absolutely terrible. No other way to explain it, Lip Syncing is out of wack and multiple heros can be talking at once and can drown eachother out. Even with subtitles it is difficult to understand. Cheesy one liners and sound can pop in and out quite frequently. If you are playing this game for the story and character progression..you are playing the wrong game. It is rather impossible to feel for any of the characters, they are just all zombie killing machines.

Overall Rating

Overall the game is fun to play and with a few minor hiccups as stated above, it is still a rather enjoyable experience. Will pass the time and will keep you coming back for more until you have completed the game. Co-op and looting keeps the game together with many missions to choose from. Lastly but not least zombie kills. Common, what else is needed to be said? I give the game a 6.5/10. I will continue to play and will continue to have fun just killing zombies. Thanks for reading!


The 47 Ronin
Very nice review, you planning to do any reviews for the PS4 and Xbox One games?
Yes I do plan on doing extensive reviews for both Xbox One and PS4 games regularly. On Monday I will be picking up my PS4 and with that will be a review for the following games Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Madden 25 and Contrast. Then on November 22nd I will be picking up the Epic Gaming Package for the Xbox One and I will do my review on Dead Rising 3, Battlefield 4 and COD: Ghost.

I am really excited about Battlefield 4 on both the PS4 and Xbox One because they can hold 64 players a match..just as the PC

I am fortunate enough to be able to get both consoles and I will be bringing up a review on both console themselves.