Dead Island Review.


GENRE: RPG, ACTION (according to steam)

PUBLISHER: Deep Silver

RELEASED FOR: PC,xbox 360, ps3



you are a survivor trying to escape an island over run by zombie like people. While trying to escape you help people along the way and at the same time try to figure out exactly what happened.

My thoughts:

Leave it too me to buy a game without fully understand what I'm buying. Now, if you think this is going to be anything like left 4 dead then you will be very disappointed. Although zombie themed the game play in no way shape or form is like left 4 dead. I should have read the part where this game was an RPG/first person shooter/action/something else theme. Right there is a problem for me as I never have, nor do I normally, play anything with an rpg style. Not saying I don't like it but it's more like me sounding like a noob stating I don't really understand or follow rpg's very well. Some say peanut butter, others say buttered peanuts. However, I still tried the game, and then another problem. The main reason I absolutely hate, hate, hate, hate wait for it.......HATE consoles, they released the wrong version for the game. It's apparently an unfinished console version they released for the pc. Press the "y" button, fly around the map.

So I honestly cannot give the best review on this game solely for that purpose. But I'm not waiting around for a publisher to release the right version when the right version were released for the kids consoles. First off I'll start with the likes and then obviously we go to the dislikes.


  • The games theme
  • very open world, huge map
  • Probably the BEST SOUNDING ZOMBIE GAME TO DATE (minus the occasional speaker pops from the wrong version)
  • variety of weapons and weapons upgrades

First off, the games theme is great, going on vacation to escape the horrors and dangers of the cities only to go on an island and get consumed by ravaged blood lusting zombies. This is why I don't do vacations. At least at a party or bar you have the option of banging a person who is not related too you. Bad times for the family hotel room you're stuck in. Anyways, It's a great twist on the whole zombie genre in that it's not a city, or town but a very nice island that you are pretty much stuck on. Depending on the character you choose (it has I believe 5 characters) will determine the skill and special abilities you have against your zombie friends. One is skilled in knives, guns, I believe fighting, and then weapon smashing (shows how much I don't play RPG games). Some characters move faster, some are stronger, and some are deadlier. your choice. You also choose what missions you take and those missions can lead to different choices in the game. It's overall a shocking good change from L4d's running and gunning from point a to point b.

Huge, Huge map. You can get lost, until I found out I had a map I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Now I want to comment right now and say that the game doesn't look nearly as good as the game footage in the previews. Now I'm going to be nice and say this is due to the wrong freaking game release, however, as you will see with my FRAPS, when I have no occlusions turned on in game it still looks like I'm in some dream land and at the same time having a nightmare. But overall right now, the island is designed very nicely. Roads, paths, all lead to somewhere and I found myself actually exploring more than anything. And not just due to the fact once again I don't play RPG games and realized you have things like missions and must find liquor for some dumb girl who would rather party and get eaten drunk than actually escape the island. She must be drinking the Tiger blood. Overall the map is a great design and I really hope the fix comes with some nice graphics updates. Otherwise if it doesn't then the graphics are of poor quality and placement.

Ok, going to sound like a dweeb but the zombie sounds actually scared the shit out of me. I had a dream as a little kid of me being in my grandmas house and holding what I think were donuts and suddenly I can hear far off in the distance a blood curdling scream slowly getting closer and closer and looked out the window and here is this little doll running right at the house, The only way to wake up, hold these two donuts together. Still gives me the shrills. This game, very same damn sound from a female zombie almost made me crap my pants. The 3d surround is awesome, the zombies actually make noises I believe we would make if we turned into zombies, far better than any left 4 dead sound. you can literally follow the zombies sounds to the zombie with your eyes closed. The island sounds, birds chirping, waves crashing, storms coming all sounds real and great. Indeed, probably the best sounding game I have heard in a long time (for this genre).

The weapon system for me is confusing. But im not knocking it because it's my personal feeling towards the game, I don't play RPG's. I don't know what the best upgrade for the weapon is or even if I should upgrade it. I don't understand the +35stamina +75 thrust -10speed things. I believe it's something based on weapon damage and how fast you can swing it but I don't want to remember those things. Maybe the reason I never got into the whole RPG thing in the first place. But for those that do understand it, there's a lot of it. Lots of weapons you can pick up. And like the dead rising game, you can combo weapons, I made a bat with nails and an electric battery. Fun times. However, unlike left 4 dead, these weapons break very easily overtime, you can repair them (only at certain shops) but once you break it, it's gone. But nice weapon choices none the less.

Now to the Dislike parts:


  • weapon rate of damage
  • no push button option for the mic, wtf?
  • animation on some characters
  • the never ending searching
  • graphics (although still giving them time to fix it)

Ok, I'm pretty sure if I pick up a "heavy metal pipe" (as the game says) and went around and starting bashing in peoples skulls, I'm pretty sure I could go through more than 10 people before I started seeing the slightest bend in it. So why the hell do these things shatter after 10 zombies? Was this island built with some sort of katrina relief parts? I hate, hate, how long these items last. Even if it is an RPG come on, I'm sure a metal pipe should last longer than 10 zombies. and you pay money for each item you pick up, but too who? Where? is the underwear gnomes secretly going into my pockets each time I pick up a splintered have assed stick that costs freaking $17 dollars? Why can't I smash the gnomes and get my money back? I can go along with costing to repair, even costing to upgrade but I draw the line when I'm looking through a dead mans luggage and find a huge ass knife ( and for thought, why does he have this have used butchering knife in his luggage?) and I get charged for picking it up. Another reason why I probably couldn't get into RPG gaming. But I'm not bias, it just annoys me.

If you cough, fart, get a little some on the side or yell at your dog be prepared for everyone to hear it. The geniuses who built the game said "I know, instead of giving the option to use a push/talk button, lets just make it a default for the mic to work in game"? Ya smart, so the people who chose to use ventrilo get the double echo sounds and I no longer can sit there and fart in private. Hopefully they make a fix for this when the fixed version is released.

The animation can be a little weird. This one zombie was chasing me and somehow flew right through me like a ghost and then got behind me and ate my back. Other times, the zombies fell off a deck and landed on there face and never really got back up. Just kind of sat face down ass up like they were in a rap video. your feet look a little too far away, the hand animations also look a little to far away so hopefully they fix this as well.

This is a personal thing so even though I added it to the dislike section it's probably not a bad thing and probably goes along with any RPG genre but god the searching has to stop. I have never seen so much luggage and so much soap in my life. apparently you go on side missions, (after kblast explained that too me) so until I realized that I was just kind of wondering around like some night pervert sneaking into huts and rummaging through luggage. I drank a lot of drinks (killing zombies while drowned in heavy liquor is quite challenging) and even shot up a couple of times ( ya drug use is not a good thing when trying to run from zombies). But now that I realize you do missions it might be a little more fun or actually accomplish something.

Graphics, they said it's "not a port from the console version" ya, thats why it's only direct x9 and it's freaking anti-aliasing city. graphics look nothing like the graphics in the previews (which were the pc build, why companies do not understand how much outdated the stupid consoles are I will never understand) which piss me off because it's just like lying to me, Hey take a look at this beautiful game, but once it's released we dumb down the game for the kiddies so they can play it on the consoles. If you have not guessed yet, I am strictly against consoles and avoid them like the plague. And anyone that calls themselves a "gamer" while playing on the console, that's an automatic free kick to the nuts. Tell them I said so.


The game actually even though RPG and not my usual style of game, is rather fun. Even with the wrong release I still couldn't put the game down. Just wandering around, listening to the awesome sound effects, smashing zombies, looking for stuff, it was rather fun. Once I started doing missions it even added to the fun because now I had goals and people followed you and helped you along the way. Now at this very moment the multi-player version is broken but it's suppose to be even more fun and has things like endless zombie hordes for you and your friends to try to survive through. Right now, out of 5 stars, I would give it a three, thats being generous as the game is broken and the graphics are 360 at best. If the multi-player is fixed, the occlusions (lighting textures for those who do not know, adds the soft glow of things) fixed and an actual button for mic talking fixed, then even though it is not my kind of game, I would give it 4 starts. If you like RPG games, like doing side missions, like having choices and what not, then you will love this game. Do not buy the game if you expect to play something that resembles l4d, you will be disappointed. Some zombies are fast, some are slow, some are fat and some are just nasty. But overall, fun game, I may go as far as saying this game may get me into an RPG style gaming. Maybe. Enjoy the screenshots.







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They claimed they made the PC version and the console versions side by side. I call BS. The PC version is a pretty obvious console port. I think this is their first game, so I'll give them a little bit of slack. I think it will turn out ok. I bought this to play with friends, so I'm on hold in my game until they fix the multiplayer. I guess they failed at estimating server load, so multiplayer is pretty much broken right now. Aside from the lack of options (ie mic in game like SG mentioned) and the bugs from releasing the wrong version on Steam, it's not so bad. They have some major patching to do, but once all is done it should be good to go. What little I have played with my friends, I've had a blast.

el jorge loco

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Holy shit george, this makes my Deus Ex review look like total crap.

However, I am thoroughly disappointed by the delivery of the game. When I saw the reviews, I was kind of eager to pick up this game for PC. Glad I did not for the time being. This game looks poorly released at least for us PC players.
Very nice review SG. What killed me was once you got into the city the world seemed to get smaller and smaller, it went from an huge island to a few blocks!