Dead Island glitches


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Some stuff albacore and I ran into while playing Dead Island. haha he has some funny ones so I hope he contributes!


thats me stuck in a tree with one of the trucks haha

this is one where I noticed I could jump up on a really tall bush. Albacore jumped up there with me and then we jumped over to the other side of the bush. There was a chained off area and we were stuck like animals between the bush and the fence


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The 47 Ronin
i have it for ps3 as i havent gotten a console game in awhile and i have a friend who plays it on ps3. if only i got it for pc i could play w you guys! haha
My roommate got this on xbox. One of the best new zombie games in a while for sure.

I've seen some visual bugs, but really nothing more than that.


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I am thinking about getting this game, but for me it will most likely be like L4D and L4D2, only played the two games less than 10 times combined since release.
Waste of money if you ask me.
If I had the time I would have been all over Dead Island.
Since I can't play multiple games due to my schedule, I will just sit back and watch youtube videos of it.


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This game is fun, completely fun. I have not had bad glitches really just minor graphic glitches. Although I jumped on the back of a truck and it flung me in the air and i died when i landed. That was weird. But Thats too funny. Stuck glitches are the worst. You ever get stuck at the seller? Especially the one at the church.