Dark Souls PC

Dark Souls Coming to Steam, Computer DLC Coming to Consoles

If this is the case, I will be re-buying the game for the PC and simply play it with my 360 controller. Why you ask? Well, the developers deserve the increased revenue, the chance to start from day 1 again and progress through from day 1, and what will obviously be a larger and more consistently playing community for a game that is just perfect for the PC.

I highly recommend everyone get this game who has not already, and prepare to play a game with a classic spirit melded with modern innovations.
Wicked game, based on the trailer.
It's an amazing game that has been out for the 360 and ps3 for a bit now, and came away with many great reviews and a big following. If you play it, youll love it. It gives you this absolute sense of hopelessness every time you play. Knowing that at any moment, you can make one slip up and you lose so much for it. It's exciting as hell though.