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    Real Name: David
    Age: 26
    Job: Izakaya chef
    Something about yourself: I love French house music (circa 1990-2003) and Nordic music. I am a tall Asian man that is very un-asian. I bet I am the best basketball player in the 47R clan, think you are better? I would love to play!
    Favorite game: Castlevania SOTN, Counter-strike, Borderlands and spider solitaire.
    Favorite site to visit: Reddit, Facebook and various porn sites. Lots of porn sites. Lots.
    Hobby: Basketball, drawing, cooking and dipping Grizzly wintergreen.
    Favorite Food: This maybe the hardest one to answer. I would have to say it comes down to my Mom's beef stew or red coconut curry.
    Favorite song: Fever Ray - Seven (Twelves Remix). May not be my fav but its top 5 and probably more enjoyable for you guys.
  2. FuZion

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    What is porn? Ice I highlighted the word in order to search for it, nothing came up? :confused:
  3. IcEWoLF

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    Porn will not come up because its again TOS for this software.
    LOL :)
  4. FuZion

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    well NSFW WORKS! HAH TOS software my A$$! :p so Dallas what kinda stuff u draw man? let's see some art bro
  5. IcEWoLF

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    Welcome to the new forums!

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