Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Oh man, tonight's ep was hilarious. Anyone else watch either this or Colbert Report?

This is how I get my political news. Things I have little control over. Makes me annoyed and bothered how people of power decided what is best for the country.

Tonight was about how Obama says the rich should be taxed 2% of their income to help get 700billion dollars over 10years. Then the news counter saying that's not fair and that the so called poor who don't pay any taxes should pay something too. And if the poor paid 50% of their income, that would match what the rich would give.

I don't know if this is exactly what Stewart was saying, but that is what I gathered form his monologue.

Can anyone confirm or clarify for me?
I watch John Stewart, but no Colbert so much. I like how Stewart is serious when he needs to, while Colbert try's to get laughs no matter what the topic. I remember watching him after the Norway shooting and it just seemed like he was trying to get laughs with it. I know it's comedy central, but when your reporting serious stuff I think you need to put getting laughs in the back burner. Especially like a day after it happens and people are still wrapping there mind around the situation.


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i only watch jon, anymore... but i'm old so i don't stay up "late" on weekdays to see its first airing. i have it dvr'd and usually watch it a day or two after it airs. haven't seen this particular one yet, but am looking forward to it now
Stewart was saying that if the poor just gave up half of everything they own, it would be 700 billion dollars. He was mocking the reporters for saying that 700 billion dollars isn't shit in comparison to the deficit and the fact that they said that the poor class of America pays no taxes at all, and should be even though it's like 22.5k with a family of four, and trying to argue they really aren't that poor with shit like owning a refrigerator and a microwave. I don't know if that clarified anything or not, but yeah...