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Custom Loop 1080 MSI Seahawk EK build.


The 47 Ronin
Forgot I made this before I left in case anyone asked for a video of it.

That's a beauty. :p
Back when circuit boards were 99% green or orange/tan (whatever), I'd get excited just to see a new color (back when video cards didn't need fans). Then the heatsinks/fans grew and they threw a random image like a mermaid on it. Fancy! Now that I'm over having a window to show off the insides, they finally make stuff worthy of displaying. It's almost too bad the cards face down so you can't admire it more. :p


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Now get to tossing up a Heaven run on that page we compared systems.

That build looks real good, I am still really wanting to do water cooled but will probably wait until my next major build to bother with it.