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Css update reg!


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played more rounds of CS than I have in a long time tonight. Reg was excellent. Big fan of the dynamic x-hair and size/color options. no idea when any of that was implemented. :p
I will probably be on CS more often until BF3 beta :D

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Not sure what to think. Updates are good in general. I appreciate that we aren't forgotten like we were a few years ago. Something feels different though. I don't know, I guess we'll adapt or quit :p. Adapt it is!


I think the reg is absolutely fan-fucking-tastic.
you cannot strafe and shoot anymore with rifles... turn on dynamic crosshairs if you think the reg is bad.


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I think the m4 and ak have been nerfed too much as well.. just mo.. but the reg for me is soso anyway.. i do prefer the spray pattern and dynamic xhairs....and the dot helps some.. but it has only introduced more issues to me.. valve for ya.. and dunno about shotty.. i was 30ftjust away and got only
two hits for 33hpme dmg earlier.. meh..


The 47 Ronin
I am actually glad that they decreased the range on the shotgun. They said that they improved the damage just a bit which was nice, I was getting tired of getting killed at the end of long hall with a shotgun while the other guy was on the CT side of bathroom.


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i don't think the m4 or ak got nerfed... you just can;t run around with them as much, and expect to get a head shot.

You cant run and gun with the ak/m4 like before. Sure it makes the game more realistic, but until players get the used to the new dynamics, the rushing side is fucked even worse than before. You can either go in spraying and hope for a random kill, or stop mid rush to gain some accuracy and dial up the blockfest. Either way, it looks like it will take some time to get used to. :/

Maybe I'll just start using the p90, mp40, or ump.