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Discussion in 'Counter-Strike: Source' started by d00b, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. d00b

    d00b The 47 Ronin

    This may be kind of lame, but I think its interesting to know what sensitivity people use.

    I'm at 3.20
  2. built[4]sin

    built[4]sin Staff Member Moderator

    I use 1.00. I've been told it's the closest thing to pure input you can get - ie, no acceleration or retardation of movement
  3. The Hamburglar

    The Hamburglar Member

    im at 1.14 with an acceleration of 1. does the trick. thought sometimes i do have problems with my mouse's optical tracking on my desk. sometimes it gets stuck, only on quick turns though. very rarely...
  4. [sfg]iants

    [sfg]iants Member

    I'm currently at 1.23, but in the last week its been at .9 to 1.3. Once you lose your sensitivity, takes a while to get it back. I'm probably going to leave it there for a while hoping I adjust to it.
  5. Dickfor.

    Dickfor. The 47 Ronin

    2.30 @ 3500 dpi
  6. Haze

    Haze Contributor

    1.7, logitech g5 mouse, not sure what dpi its at
  7. blu

    blu Member

    5.0 , logitech g9x mouse. I have no idea what my DPI is at. I am on the 3rd light.
  8. Ghonzo

    Ghonzo The 47 Ronin

    0.5 with my Logitech G3 and my crosshairscale is 65000 just incase anyone wanted to know XD 65000 is pretty much a tiny dot or even no crosshair depending on the map and lighting but its the best set to get headshots if you're doing burst fires
  9. CutScene

    CutScene Member

    G9x, dpi and sensitivity in windows all the way up
    no acceleration
  10. Cpl.Soap

    Cpl.Soap New Member

    10.75 razer 1800dpi

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