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Poll CSGO pro league discussion threads?

CSGO pro match discussion threads?

  • Yes

  • Fuck off

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A Stable Carbocation

Staff member
I don't think we have enough people on the website in the first place lol. That being said, you are free to make any thread you like. Just don't expect much. most aren't worth talking about and I think half or more of our members are CSS guys.


The 47 Ronin
While I mainly play source, I still enjoy pro matches on GO. For a while I was on csgolounge because @yarr told me about it and was betting and watching a bunch of matches.

Like stable said though, a large portion of people in the squad are CSS guys and most likely wouldn't be able to participate in such threads. I still vote yes though, whats the worst that can happen, no one comments on a thread?