CS:S Server update 9/15/2011!


Damn and I was actually looking forward to some cs this weekend... I'll still give it a shot but am not expecting anything great as usual with an update.


Wow who the fuck comes up with these updates? I think my 14 year old cousin can design a better game. This is just TERRIBLE, I think I give up on cs.
CSS has been broken. and they keep fucking making it worse. I haven't had much of a chance to check out the ne wpatch myself because my internet has been extremely eratic lately. to the point of being hard to surf the web even but I don't have tiem to fix it because I must leave for Texas in a few days for a week. But when I get a chance, I will give it a shot. I still hope it's gooder than before


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i like the new crosshair options. you can just do everything in the options menu now instead of having to play around in console w the cl_ commands. besides that i dont notice much. still fun to me. jus keep biding time for bf3 for pc, mw3 for ps3 (just to own my loser friends) and skyrim!