CS:S Server update 9/15/2011!


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Our server was one of the first servers live when the update went out this afternoon.
Finally a decent update, I think this may fix several server registry issues too with weapon accuracy updates.

Updates to Counter-Strike: Source have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Cumulative weapon updates

  • All weapons now have a new accuracy model which fixes many bugs and provides more intuitive weapon behavior
  • Weapons now have separate accuracy penalties for jumping, landing, and standing on ladders
  • All weapons are now more accurate while crouching
  • Accuracy penalties for movement no longer have a discrete threshold, but scale between crouch move and run speed
  • All rifles are less accurate while running
  • Fixed bug that caused the glock to fire burst rounds on three consecutive tick frames. It now fires burst rounds with a 0.05 cycle time
  • Fixed a bug that cause the famas to fire burst rounds on uneven intervals (0.1 and 0.05). It now fires burst rounds with a fixed interval of 0.075.
  • Fixed bug for the bolt action sniper rifles that caused their zoom state to incorrectly toggle when holding down fire.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the suppressor state on the USP and M4A1 to not be accounted for correctly when the weapons were dropped with the suppressor attached and then picked up.
  • Fixed fast suppressor switch exploit
  • Decreased range of shotguns, while slightly increasing damage
  • Slightly increased damage of m249
  • Sniper rifles now zoom faster
  • AWP fire animation changed to match 1.5 second cycle time
  • Fixed burst fire prediction of FAMAS
  • Fixed animation issue with elite dry fire
  • Fixed timing of sounds on Glock burst fire
  • Weapon spread patterns are no longer square
  • Dynamic crosshair now uses actual weapon accuracy, rather than a separate simulation
  • Increased run speed for Galil and FAMAS
  • Increased FAMAS accuracy and reduced spread for burst mode
  • Increased accuracy of silenced USP
  • Increased accuracy of zoomed sg552
  • Cycle time for dual elites increased to .12 second
  • Fixed firing of "stale" burst mode bullets on glock and famas
  • Fixed reload animation issue with shotguns under high latency
  • Fixed bug which allowed a CT to defuse the bomb in the same frame that it exploded
  • Pistols no longer continuously spam weapon_fire event when the +attack key is pressed. This has the side effect of no longer allowing the glock to continuously auto-fire in burst mode).
  • Weapons no longer continuous cycle the weapon_reload event when the reload key is pressed
  • Weapons no longer continuously cycle the empty fire event (and click) when out of ammo and the attack button is held

Other bug fixes

  • Re-enabled the ability for max grenades to be set from server convars
  • Allow observing other players when mp_fadetoblack is enabled and mp_forcecamera is something other than OBS_ALLOW_NONE
  • Scoreboard is now more robust with user modified layout changes
  • Added defuser icons to CTs on the scoreboard; these are analagous to the bomb icons for Ts, in that they only are visible for team members and spectators.
  • Defuser, bomb, and VIP icons are now colored by team color convar.
  • Bomb/defuser icons are no longer shown for members of the opposing team when you are not allowed to spectate them.
  • Updated player max speed cap so that it no longer limits players to 240 movement speed
  • Allow player max speed to be changed by mods
  • Killing friendly players no longer increments the player stat for kills with enemy weapons
  • Round no longer ends when timer runs out and mp_ignore_round_win_conditions is set
  • Players no longer get weapon donation credit for buying, dropping, and picking up the same weapon
  • Fixed crash related to planting C4
  • Fixed positioning of hud_targetid; it now is correctly visible in wide screen aspect ratios and when spectating.
  • Updated the multiplayer options UI so that it offers more options for configuring the crosshair.
  • When dynamic crosshair is disabled, the crosshair is now completely static.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the view offset when dead was fighting with the observer code.
  • Fixed a bug where the client would have a ragdoll entity in CS, but wouldn't have actually created a ragdoll which would give a one frame glitch in the death camera position setup.
  • Fixed an exploit where users could disable flashbang audio effects using alias commands.
  • Marked the "mat_diffuse" convar as a cheat to protect against exploits.
  • Fixed issue with buying multiple grenades when ammo_*_max were set to other than the defaults.
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The 47 Ronin
Weapons now have separate accuracy penalties for jumping, landing, and standing on ladders

.... really?? I guess they never played this game to understand just how hard it is to do a jump shot or landing shot in this game beside shotgun and scout.

Anyhow we'll have to see if the hitboxes and reg is better now.


The 47 Ronin
Ok first impression of the new update..

Fucking sucks! especially when i saw the crosshair and the UIs i mean my screen looked like a block and bulky crap. Cant adjust anything to the way I want even the crosshair commands doesnt do the job. Next was the life,timer, and armor crap they made those looks really big and had to add another box around the thing. Gonna have to try out the dot crosshair since i just love those on other online FPS i use to play.

Regs seems like crap too -_- point blank on two enemies with deagle all of them missed beside one and my crosshair was on their chest mind you this was on the default crosshair they gave me to use.

Literally all the servers I went was empty guess i wasnt the only one that rage quit after one round lol XD

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: