CS:S Crazy frags


The 47 Ronin
Umm.. this must have been back in 100 tick days or possibly @ a lan because registration at that level does not exist I can tell u right now. great video regardless..

I just re-watched it again again.. wtf, his bullet goes straight every shot?? doesn't make sense to me.. there's no recoil. I call hacks
Not only hackish is the fact he must be playing bots. No team runs in a perfect line like that going basically one by one. Even if you tried to get people to run like that it normally doesn't work out.
uhhh in scrims, teams run together like 75% of the time, and this clip could be made over a time span of a year. This is before the update because of the registry, but he may not be hacking.
Edit: Everyone of the scenarios is 5 kills. Which makes it 5v5 scrims.
It looks like the first round of a scrim. Where the team would rush b and the usual format for a ct team is 1 b 1mid 1cat 2long. So everyone has pistols and they just rush straight out of b to try and take site.