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Cs:s app for /2elativ!ty


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Name:Chad Dudek (Dude-ek)
Age: (Must be over 18!)18 y/o. 19 in December.
Location: Sacramento California
In Game nickname/nicknames: /2elativity, /2el
Your favorite hobby: Paintball
Your favorite movie: Fight Club
Games you play: (Besides CS:S) Starcraft,Sc2
How many hours a week are you online: 15-20
Your previous squad/team: (Squad/Clans that you previously joined) none
Why did you leave your last squad: (If applicable) N/A
How long have you been playing in our server: 3-4 months
Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: I play on the dust 2 / Office server for pretty much all of my playing time except when the server is empty i really just like the people who play there. i mean there are a few hackers here and there but they're dealt with. its a fun/friendly/competitive enviroment.
Tell us about you: I just recently graduated highschool last june. i play competetition paintball on a team out of sacramento ca. i have been playing counter-strike since i was in the 3rd grade off and on along with starcraft. those two games are the only games i really care about. and i work at costco.

el jorge loco

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Thanks for Reg'ing Relativity.

I think our CS app is closed for now. However, and I know Ice will say this, stay active on the forums and the server!

Dick Cheney

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+2 Rel is tightt and plays on the server a lot more than a lot of the 47ronins i know! Lol. Stay active on the pub, gg and forums.

I applied for Costco lol. Wooo


yea I see you in the pub a lot!
and +1 for being in sacramento, or near it lol. thats where I live.
my older brother used to play in paintball tournys too, he played at sams paintball if you ever remember that place, I wanna say it was out in elk grove. but Im not sure to be honest.