They better fix the hit detection problem, but any new news about css I welcome it the game really needs something new! Thanks D00b I cant stand having to wait for games it drives me insane, I would rather have someone tell me 3 days before it came out then having to listen to developers say we dont know when its done maybe... 5 years?

And what giants said they better not fuck it up, any one think go is a weak name?

el jorge loco

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Remember when 1.6 -> Zero -> Source? I think this is just another big update that warrants us paying an additional $20 for the game.

Things I will look forward to:
(1) New + Improved Weapons
(2) Improved AIs
(3) Additional Console commands
(4) Better physics so people can't get stuck in, hide in, or fly through cabinets
(5) Smarter Hosties
This game will either become the new popular CS game, or be just a shit spray and pray game.

This beta is something we should all try to get in on.
dude i really hope they dont screw it up. but if you want a game with vehicles, armor, transports and air support (fixed wing and rotor) y'all need to try ArmaII.
hopefully cs:go doesn't warrant a pc upgrade ... thats the main reason it was so popular. it can be run on almost any pc for like 15-20fps. i had an extreme piece of shit pc 6 yrs ago and i started playing css then. Hopefully they dont change that aspect of the game although i have a feeling that they will try to catch up on the graphics..

@surrender They made an xbox version of cs 1.6 as well. it just wasnt as big of a hit as pc version. hence why valve is putting it in ps store and xbox live arcade rather than actually making it retail in stores. its basically like a downloadable game probably gonna be like $20.