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CS:GO update issues 5/26/15


Staff member
Today's CS:GO update took much longer than expected to roll out to all our customers for a few reasons:

- Valve did not release the update all at once to both platforms, forcing us to stop it and re-trigger it manually a few times
- The update was particularly large (several gigabytes)
- A DNS problem related to a DoS attack caused some of our machines to be unable to resolve our internal update server (this has also caused problems for some clients trying to resolve various services here)

Most servers should have the update now and we are taking steps to avoid the DNS problem should it happen again.

This update has also caused servers running Sourcemod and Metamod:Source to crash. If you are running one or both of these, please try applying the updated versions that we have on our "Autoinstallers" page in the control panel.