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PINNED CS:GO Numpad Weapon Bind Tutorial


Just in case some new players to CS:GO stumble upon our website and are looking for some tips on getting started. I just recently started playing Counter Strike at the beginning of this year and I really didn't like the fact that I had to navigate my way through the buy menu every time when there were only certain guns I found useful. So, here you go fellow noobs!

The way I have my binds setup....they will work on both CT and T sides.

Step 1: Navigate to the directory below. "Program Files (x86)" might just be "Program Files" on your computer. Leave this window in the background; you'll need it later.

Step 2: open "note-pad" > copy/paste the below text into a blank document > click "file" > click "save as" > navigate to the directory above > type "autoexec.cfg" without the quotes in the "file name:" field > click "save"

bind kp_end "buy vesthelm"
bind kp_downarrow "buy defuser"
bind kp_pgdn "buy fiveseven"
bind kp_enter "buy elite"

bind kp_leftarrow "buy ak47; buy m4a1"
bind kp_5 "buy p90"
bind kp_rightarrow "buy galilar; buy famas"

bind kp_home "buy hegrenade"
bind kp_uparrow "buy flashbang"
bind kp_pgup "buy smokegrenade"
bind kp_plus "buy incgrenade/molotov"

bind kp_slash "buy awp"
bind * "buy g3sg1"
bind kp_minus "buy negev"


Step 3: Return to the window in "STEP 1" > Right click and use "open with > WordPad" to open "config.cfg"


Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of this file and type "exec autoexec.cfg" without the quotes. > click "file" > save


Step 5: Close all windows > Open CS:GO and have fun!


Also, thanks to "Hatton Games" for the original tutorial. I just found it a little confusing at first because he set it up into 2 separate tutorials. I've combined everything into one for you. You can check it out at this link: http://www.hattongames.com/2012/06/how-to-create-custom-buy-binds-for-csgo/

Numpad Key Codes:

  1. kp_slash
  2. *
  3. kp_minus
  4. kp_home
  5. kp_uparrow
  6. kp_pgup
  7. kp_leftarrow
  8. kp_5
  9. kp_rightarrow
  10. kp_end
  11. kp_downarrow
  12. kp_pgdn
  13. kp_ins
  14. kp_del
  15. kp_plus
  16. kp_enter
Weapons and Item Codes:

You will be typing the word in parentheses ( xxxx ) in your autoexec.cfg file to get that weapon or item to work.

  • Scout (ssg08)
  • Galil (galilar)
  • Famas (famas)
  • SG550 (sg550)
  • AUG (aug)
  • M4 (m4a1)
  • AK47 (ak47)
  • T Auto Sniper (g3sg1)
  • CT Auto Sniper (scar20)
  • AWP (awp)

  • Mac 10 (mac10)
  • UMP (ump45)
  • P90 (p90)
  • Bizon (bizon)
  • MP7 (mp7)
  • MP9 (mp9)

  • Auto Shotgun (xm1014)
  • Mag7 (mag7)
  • Sawed Off Shotgun (sawedoff)
  • Nova Shotgun (nova)
  • M249 (m249)
  • Negev (negev)

  • 228 Compact (p228)
  • Glock (glock)
  • Dual Elites (elite)
  • Five Seven (fiveseven)
  • Desert Eagle (deagle)
  • Tec9 (tec9)
  • HKP2000 (hkp2000)
  • P250 (p250)
Grenades & Gear

  • Incendiary Grenade (incgrenade)
  • Flashbang (flashbang)
  • Smoke (smokegrenade)
  • HE Grenade (hegrenade)
  • Molotov (molotov)
  • Decoy (decoy)
  • Kevlar (kevlar)
  • Kevlar+Helmet (vesthelm)
  • Zeus x27 (taser)
  • Defuse Kit (defuser)

π r θ

New Member
neat i used to do weapon binds in 1.6 but never relearned them in the new versions thanks
now i can rush even faster and get my nades :punch:

Blood Fiend

Active Member
if I ever end up getting around to it.....


Good shit though, Im still waiting for the #CFG file for stream lining cs:go, and cs:source. Something that lightens the game up with out loosing to much of the appeal. @Fastrak was telling me some one had one... don't know if it ever got posted to the forums though

A Stable Carbocation

Staff member
Tank, you WOULD put the p90 on a key so close to your fingers --_--

Anyway, I've generally been fast enough to buy everything I need before movement is allowed, but I will certainly be binding an awp, as there are some players (Mr white) who I am SURE has that on a key bind. Thanks.


The 47 Ronin
when i started playing source, i found my old config on my old clan's site, lol. most of it still worked. when i started beta testing GO, most of it still worked as well.