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CS:GO Gameplay!

ace ninja

The 47 Ronin
the reason i want it

1. Consistent sound engine. If a clients point of view makes a sound, it should make one of the server for all others to hear.

3. Reload sounds not always originating from correct places

-100tickrate without all workaround fixes for 100tick rate of fire on 66tick servers, aka clean orange box engine.

9. Model size reduced slightly - 15% overall, makes it harder to frag one another. A more precise aim required.

10. Head size reduced 30% vertically. Reason for not reducing horizontally is so players will not be encouraged to crouch on a corner to avoid being headshotted.

12. Most damaging part on the body to take the hit for any given bullet. Example: the trajectory of a bullet is on path with a players head, but the arm is blocking it, the hit will count as an arm shot rather than a headshot. This should not be the case. The highest damaging part for a given trajectory should always take precedence.


The 47 Ronin
It looks like it is more focused on bringing the CS style gameplay from PC to console. Giving people who don't game on the PC a look into how CS is basically since the CS that game out on the original xbox didn't do too well. I do like the match making system though.
They already made CS in console before as well.

Like Ace said the models were bit smaller than current CSS which makes it challenging. Idk if the game will be on 100 tick Valve never mentioned that. Overall i think it was poorly thought out and seems like rushed out imo. Sure they had 7years or so but the original devs werent even making this game till i would say maybe a year or so. Hopefully i see more gameplay before it release to see how it really is maybe throw in a beta.


Clearly the intent from the beginning was to capture the console audience. Still, all the interviews with Valve and pro player beta testers indicate that Valve wants CS:GO to seriously work in the professional / competitive leagues. A lot of professional players have been testing CS:GO lately. So, I doubt the game will suck in the end unless they ignore everything they're told from the people who already pay their bills.

Couple things I think can go right away though:

Moltov cocktails... What CT/T would carry this around in a real life battle? No one. It's a random 'weapon' with even more random effects. There is no strategy here but the strategy of spray n pray really.
Fake-out nades... No one carries around "fake flash grenades" just like they don't carry around fake rifles. They use real ones to fuck up their opponents. Smoke grenades already have this effect when used properly--why spend money for something that doesn't also smoke?


The 47 Ronin
Well unless CS:GO is complete crap, which I really doubt, I can't imagine playing CSS anymore. Thats like asking people if they will play BFBC2 when BF3 comes out.

el jorge loco

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People still play 1.6, I feel that most people will have the same opinion that 1.6 diehard fans have for Source as will Source players will/might have for GO