Cpl.Soap's WTF App

Name: Arnesh Mudaliar
Age: 18 (goin on 19)
Location: Norcal/Socal (depends on the time of year)
In Game nickname/nicknames: Cpl.S0Ap
Your favorite hobby: Gaming, drinking, chilling, inging
Your favorite movie: Fight Club. For obvious reasons.
Games you play: L4D2 occasionally. yea thats about all my comp can handle for now. game on ps3 as well playin battelfield and cod.
How many hours a week are you online: Steam rating avg. 6-10
Your previous squad/team: Dap, some other random ones. started xxx.pwhg. yea.
Why did you leave your last squad: cuz i can? na jk. umm...they were lame and were all apparently under the age of 16.
How long have you been playing in our server: Long time...nearly a year or so now.
Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: Cuz u guys are awesome. And u really need at least one crappy player in a clan....and right now that spot is still open.
Tell us about you: I am a pretty chill guy. Starting my own company/website and going to calpoly for computer engineering. no i aint a nerd (unfortunately). if u hand me something that burns, ill smoke it. yea. i have a temper tantrum sometime but its all in good fun :quag:


The 47 Ronin
Welcome to the forums! And I think we already filled the crappy player slot, though I'd never drop a name *coughdickcheneycough* Make sure to be active on the forums.


+1 after more forum.activity. good guy though, he's helped me catch a good number of hackers. think he would be a good addition.