Cpl.Soap. thats whats up.


Real Name: Arnesh Mudaliar
Nationality: Indian XD
Age: 18
Sex: :quag:

Any other personal information about me Google has. Ask them for it.

Chillin in norcal rite now. Pleasanton,ca to be exact. Usually live down in San Luis Obispo, ca where i got calpoly. yea.
Usually pretty nice in person...but if u get on my bad side i will kick ur ass. (virtually if i have to)
Games i play: CSS, L4d2, Tf2, On Ps3: cod4, bfbc2
Attending calpoly majoring in computer engineering. hope to be a video game programmer in the future.
Working on a startup. Its a website being coded in ruby on rails. Just did my first investor pitch 2 days ago! If u want to know more message me.
Programming Languages I work with/know/have done: C++,C#, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Actionscript 2/3, C
Hobbies: Gaming, chilling, drinking, coding, inging, watch LOTS of movies.
Kind of a movie/hollywood know it all..1990s and 2000s mainly. IMDB all day everyday.
Watch almost every movie that comes out. Try to come up with scripts in my freetime.

If u have any questions especially movie or coding related ask me and ill help u out the best that i can :D

My facebook. Add me if u like.
Incompatible Browser | Facebook

IF u REEEEALLLy want to talk to me i have a phone number as well. Dont hesitate to ask. No seriously. Ask. plz. lol


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Welcome to the forums!
Soap, have you built any sites? If so whats your knowledge with vBulletin and any portfolios?
Welcome to the forums!
Soap, have you built any sites? If so whats your knowledge with vBulletin and any portfolios?
I have built sites...but mostly just backend. i cant really do the whole designing thing so i usually use flash for frontend and php/mysql for backend. Yes i have used vbulletin a couple times as well as phpbb. Used to run a warez site called portablesteamgames. no portfolios but i recently made an alpha prototype for a social website at TheCloudWork. it works but unfortunately i cant show u anything inside it. also i worked for ucsd briefly and made the backend for this Home | CI-RED | SDSC

Currently learning ruby on rails:D


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Welcome Soap. Nice to see a fellow CE major :). Its pretty impressive that you know that many languages at 18. I didn't know a damn thing about programming when I started my freshmen year haha. Although if your looking to become a Video Game programmer I would recommend switching to CS instead because the EE stuff doesnt really help out all that much and well i didn't really care for the EE classes all that much lol.