Cowboys and Aliens

Don't read if you haven't seen the movie. Or expect to be spoiled.

Not enough Harrison Ford.
Daniel Craig was meh. Never a big fan of his.
There was a tease of Olivia Wilde naked.

As for the story, it was satisfactory. Somehow Craig was able to time his jump to land on the alien ship. Also another thing that bothered me was, why did the alien havta put his arm band on the table across Craig's body? How big was the cowboy army? Seemed more than originally thought when seen at the camp.

Besides those annoying parts, I likes the movie. Thoroughly entertained.

Other thoughts?

Blood Fiend

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I havn't seen it yet, however i am not scared of spoilers. The previews look sweet, how ever previews always make movies way better then they really are. From what i could tell, lthe move was mostly daniel craig. Harry Ford seems old and boiled LOL.

But it is definetly a movie i want to see.
Some of my friends thought the trailer made it look stupid. Very campy.

I stood firm with the belief that Ford won't do crap. I was satisfied.

He didn't looked too gun ho about the movie when he accepted his Most Man-Ticipated Movie award on Spike TV's 5th Annual 2011 "Guys Choice" Awards - Show.