Counter strike global offensive

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im totally going to make a league team for this game anyone that is going to sign up let me know. im gonna going to request time off for league time when it comes.


The 47 Ronin
Theres already a thread on this movie. but if ur making a new topic for creating a team for it. well I'll be busy with BF3's team for a while before I devote anymore time for CS:S...S

Unless BF3 is unsatisfactory like BC2, then yes, I'm down.


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There are so many threads about this game.
I will not buy it if its more than $30!
This is just a remake of Source with rendered graphics, that it!
Nothing special about it.
The player models are a big joke, no improvements at all.
Hell, I think Battlefield 2 was a better game than this.

I am trashing valve because they are making junk nowadays, hopefully the old developers will make us a game that will be worth looking at.
This game based on what I see will not even be 100tick...
It will be around 66 tick like they did with TF2.
All of their games look like cartoons now.


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Then be ready to be disappointed.
They are not going to make this game 100tick.
They will build the game ground up for 66tick.
Have you guys even read the latest posts by Valve?

Hi all -

Free to Play brought a huge influx of new users to Team Fortress. To help server counts scale up to match the demand, we are reworking the dedicated server for performance. We want to improve player responsiveness as well as to reduce CPU usage so that hosts can run more servers per physical server.

Some of those changes addressing CPU usage went out last night. Server operators should see a big decrease in CPU load and can potentially run more instances per physical box now. However, a side effect that many of you have noticed is that server FPS has an effective cap of 500 instead of the previous 1000, or possibly even lower than 500 depending on your Linux kernel HZ setting. This should not have a noticeable impact on gameplay as the tick rate is still locked (well, mostly locked) at 66 updates per second and the frames that are being dropped are "empty" frames that do not actually run a server tick.

We're going to address this further in another set of performance improvements. Sorry for the temporary confusion, but we wanted to get these CPU load reduction changes out quickly to help with the Free to Play user crush.

Longer term, we want to move away from FPS as a measure of performance and instead show actual load and responsiveness (jitter/latency) statistics. The difference between a tick and a frame is complicated, and fps_max sometimes affects performance in counter-intuitive ways. We would like to retire fps_max for servers and replace it with a more obvious server performance setting. We'll give you all a heads up before we do so.

Henry G.
Hi all, a heads up to TF2 and CS:S server operators -

A near-future update (not necessarily the next one) will change the way that framerate is handled in the dedicated server. All users, especially those with very low pings, should receive a smoother gameplay experience with less jitter and more consistent-feeling latency.

Another effect of these changes is that all Orange Box (TF2, CS:S, etc) dedicated servers will run with a locked framerate, similar to L4D/L4D2. The fps_max convar will not have any effect on servers. (It remains as a client option since limiting your FPS can reduce GPU heat and overall power consumption.)

Although we don't normally give notice before updates, this is a potentially disruptive change for the server rental market, so those who currently charge premiums for "higher framerates" should probably start considering their options now.