Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Announced


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[h=2]About the Game[/h] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 12 years ago.

CS: GO features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: GO will introduce new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leader boards, and more.
"Counter-Strike took the gaming industry by surprise when the unlikely MOD became the most played online PC action game in the world almost immediately after its release in August 1999," said Doug Lombardi at Valve. "For the past 12 years, it has continued to be one of the most-played games in the world, headline competitive gaming tournaments and selling over 25 million units worldwide across the franchise. CS: GO promises to expand on CS' award-winning gameplay and deliver it to gamers on the PC as well as the next gen consoles and the Mac."
CS: GO is being developed by Valve in cooperation with Seattle-based Hidden Path Entertainment. The title is targeted for release in early 2012 and will be playable at this year's PAX Prime and Eurogamer Expo.
Source:Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam


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Early 2012 FYI is less than 6 months... depending on there definition of "early"
i understand the myan's now... this game will cause global instability -_- OLOLOLOLOLOL


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I guess this is going to be the nail in the coffin for CS:S.
Considering steams past track record of stop updating a game..
Anyways, I am deciding if I really want to invest a server in CS:Go..
My main focus at that time will be Battlefield 3.
CS:GO will likely be different enough from CS:S that CS:S won't be "killed off." Unless it CS:GO is only a giant "upgrade" to CS:S and the game play stays pretty much the same (but better), I don't see it going the way of 1.6. But even if that is the case, 1.6 is still popular today.
I have a feeling its going to get bad reviews for the wrong reasons, When all the cod whores buy it on console they are going to take a look at it and say this game sucks ass, no perks no sprint no aim down sights WTF is this shit and being impacient with respawn time. Unless they do add those things (and ruin the game) people will think its a down graded version of COD and not play it..... WELL FUCK EM!
If they develop the game for console players I'm very doubtful that we PC guys will like it at all. In fact, we won't even consider it a CS game, or a game worth playing. There would be no room for game adaptation or competitive play. You can't even get people to build custom (and damn good custom) maps for console games, let alone add-ons or mods. Hell, CS was a MOD to begin with. Developing it for the console crowd would be wrong.


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Well i feel like this gonna be another 1.6... Well atleast the old devs are coming back to make this wish they did a CS 2 not this. Not sure if i wanna get this game or not we'll see if the graphics and game play is any good compare to CSS