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Poll Considering increasing CS:S server slot count...

Should we increase slots size?

  • Yes

    Votes: 6 33.3%
  • No

    Votes: 12 66.7%

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Old-guy and fuddy-duddy...

Taken to extreme we can go over each other's point and counter-point ad-nauseum. We already modify quite a bit on the server, AWP, AUTO and now even para so no plural for that one. It seems to me we have made strides to make the game a fast paced, objective oriented server. Not saying the flood of flashes is direct causal but when folks had to actually earn what they bought you would never see the shit going on that has been with flash bombing and 16K.

I see these as two linked but separate topics; To add more slots and to reduce bought flashes. To the more slots, not the first time we have been down this road and at this time it is only running full for a fairly short period of time each night. And if admins keep the afk and spec kicked, not really an issue. At this point I doubt two more slot per team is going to make much difference in how the maps play out currently. The extra flashes, meh...

el jorge loco

Staff member
Flashbangs are what they are. Limiting them won't change the fact that I will throw all mine early to get the rush in.

As for adding slots, while I still vote no; I am decidedly neutral in it. I think someone pointed out that it can always be changed back. I remember when we were at a reduced number at some point, and then upped it back to 32


The 47 Ronin
yah, when the server is full i can't rush. :( i'd be dead before i see anyone from all the flashes. which server has the anti-teamflash? thats what we need. :p

if we can't limit the flashes, then oh well, we can still try out more slots.