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Poll Considering increasing CS:S server slot count...

Should we increase slots size?

  • Yes

    Votes: 6 33.3%
  • No

    Votes: 12 66.7%

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Staff member
We are considering increasing the CS:S server slots from 32 to something like 40, maybe even more, your thoughts? I don't think this will create issues since we have noblock and it seems like larger servers have an easier time to stay filled.



The 47 Ronin
the more the merrier. but some people have hard time running game with 32players let alone 36+ or whatever it may be. so id have to say, not for me. but ill try anything once for sure


The 47 Ronin
i will say NO due to:

1. team flash/smoke
2. lag
3. a lot easier to get random killed with nades, sprays and cooperating campers.
4. making ppl more likely to camp, and afraid to rush due to reason #3.
5. harder to defend rushes for CT, or harder to rush for T. Especially when teams were stacked, and making it more stacked.
(NO ONE wants to be the 1st one to rush, there r tons of guns/nades/flashes waiting behind that wall/door, u r fucked once u step out.)
6. when dealing with more enemies, ppl tend to buy P90 and Para more. this will make the game lame as shit, and we already had enough P90 players.
(it would be a chaos with 3 or above of guys spraying the P90/Para to a door. fucking random kills.)
7. I personally do NOT like crowded server.



The 47 Ronin
You cant flash over every wall and up mid in office. People buy flashes, throw them up mid, go back to spawn and buy more. Same with smokes and nades. This is pretty annoying already, more people means more flashes, more p90s and paras, probably even more teamstacking. All of that sounds like a bad day to me. If we had other maps in the rotation i would feel differently. If we didnt give out 16k, I would feel differently. But keeping everything the way it is and adding more players I'm not for.

el jorge loco

Staff member
I feel 32 is enough. Any more than that, and we end up looking like those scrubs at EGO.

No offense intended to the cool EGO people.

fAt Kaka

The 47 Ronin
no, 32 is a perfect number. please don't change it...add office every once in a while would be cool


Staff member
Also, to the flash situation on CSS, should reduce the current buy capability back down to one per person. With two per person and a full server, 64 flashes is just getting insane as they are being used as blackout cover. One per allows for a good organized rush, smokes and team work should take care of the rest.


Active Member
I voted no because the benefits don't outweigh the risk of casting more problems such as mentioned above.
- some people have slow computers. 40 players = instant lag for them = less populated server.
- there would be no more room left for strategies. Lots of spraying, nade and flash spam.
- that many people talking at the same time is a nightmare.
- possible connectivity issues.

Btw, is there a restriction on how many PARAs you can have each side?