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Computer pooped out on me a few weeks ago


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I am gonna call MSI support tomorrow and see if I can get an answer from them on if is compatible or not and if so what to do. Last night I reset the MOBO and reset the CMOS and nothing worked. After all of that I put back in my old CPU again and had to redo my BIOS settings.


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I am drooling over your cpu and you can't get in working? Life is not damn fair :(

I may be in the Tempe and Pheonix area late this week or early next week for a company trip. Maybe we can go out for dinner on a date? I have the company credit card so its their treats lol


The 47 Ronin
@Hunter word man I sent you a PM here with my phone number and shit.... I live close to Tempe so yea we can throw it down :p
I am at the Ramada hotel next to Arizona Mill, in front is the Gentlement club hahaha
Let's see if I can get out early tomorrow i will text you. If not then next time... I fly out at 7PM on Friday :(
Gotta sleep now, lots of work tomorrow...