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Computer pooped out on me a few weeks ago


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So my computer pooped out on me... it was a virus or malware so decided to do clean install.

Problems are after much trying and banging my head on the keyboard are as follows.

AMD driver for my HD 6950 will not install the newest update with out failing to install.
Samsung SSD 840 pro will not show up in windows 7 explorer

The SSD shows up in bios and in device manager and when trying to update driver it says it is up to date.

In MSI Live update says that all my drivers and bios are up to date so not sure what I am missing.

I just installed a fresh copy of win 7 with this install so still not familiar with it but it does show all my devices and 2 other seagate HD in computer menu under explorer.

Could use some help with this as i don't want to install CSS or CSGO on my standard HD would rather have them on my SSD for faster operation.

Any thoughts, ideas, or questions let me know guys.

@Hunter or anyone else who can help.

Oh btw my specs are as follows

mobo - MSI X58 Pro
CPU - Intel core i7 920
GPU - XFX HD6950

this is the same set up that i have been running for years just seems to be no go atm.


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Sounds like you need to go into Disk Management and initialize your drive which basically tells the computer to see the drive and assign it a drive letter.


The 47 Ronin
Always make an image of your Windows once you're happy with all the settings. Takes 10mins to restore eveything back.
True Image cost $10 :)


The 47 Ronin
Nut hurry up and fix your shit, I need to talk to you on steam! I may or may not be moving pretty close to you in the near future.