Computer folder layout/organization

How do you guys organize stuff on your computer so you an access it?

I have things like Guitar Pro, video games, tv shows, music, resumes, official govt forms/etc, textbooks, homework, pictures that im fine with people seeing, pictures/vids that i dont want others to see (you know), research papers ive written, guitar stuff, tons of home recordings, etc.

Obviously I have a lot, looking for suggestions on how you organize so I can hopefully organize my stuff. I plan to be adding a lot to it all the time so it'd be nice to have a layout that allows for the addition of more stuff, as opposed to saving 50 things to the desktop then moving those somewhere and repeating each month.


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Mine is very complicated...
Website, Work, Web Design, Music.

I use my laptop (alienware mx17x) for school lol...sad I am wasting a 2.8k machine in school only..


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I have general folders like ice, that have sub folders that get more specific. so in my Media folder i would have a folder for music, videos and miscelaneous. inside of the videos folder would be tv shows, movies, game videos, etc.


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I have like 40 folders but even then i have so much clutter on my desktop XD

I try do delete some files that are old every 6months and I just bought and Western Digital 750Gig SE Passport to sort away some movies music and my guitar pro stuff. Believe or not my Passport has more memory than my laptop itself XD