Commander Molander

Name: Conner
Age: 19
Location:BC Vancouver
In Game nickname/nicknames:Commander Molander
Your favorite hobby: Music
Your favorite movie: I have 3,The good the bad and the ugly,fight club,pulp fiction
Games you play:Star craft 2, BF2, Cod4
How many hours a week are you online:15+
Your previous squad/team: KNZ
Why did you leave your last squad:Clan disbanded
How long have you been playing in our server:2 years
Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin:My favorite server to play on with guys who are really nice, just fun to play there
Tell us about you: Listen to music allways fav bands are : Nirvana, radiohead, smashing pumpkins,metallica, play hockey watch football and base ball, fav teams are the flyers patriots and san fran giants. I am a student at University of BC


The 47 Ronin
Welcome to the forums! You have good taste in music my friend. You should post in the introductions as well, gotta be active on the forums to get a +


Staff member
wassup man - seen you around a bit in the pub. as the others have mentioned, hang out, be active in the forums. glad to have ya. :cool: