Chuck Norris Thread.

"If Chuck Norris makes a woman ride on top during sex, she instantly qualifies for the "mile high" club. "

"God said: "Let there be light." Chuck Norris said: "Say please!" "

"A unicorn once kicked Chuck Norris. That is why they no longer exist. "


The 47 Ronin
Chuck Norris is so Strong... When he does a push up, he pushes the world down..
Chuck Norris uses Pepper Spray to Clear his Sinus's..
Chuck Norris Puts the Laughter in Manslaughter..
Chuck Norris Can Touch Dale's Drum set with his Sack and its Ok Cuz he said so
Chuck Norris is the only Person who Knows what Willis' is talkin about
Chuck Norris is the Only one to win a staring contest against Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder at the same time..
Chuck Norris only got a sun burn from the tests on the A-bomb when it went off
Chuck Norris Is my Internet Security..
Chuck Norris is the only person Jason, Freddy, the Boogey Man and Death are scared of