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Chicken Noodles would like to join 47!


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Name: Chicken Noodles
Age: Turning 27
Location: California
In Game nickname/nicknames: 雞肉麵條 A.K.A. Chicken Noodles
Your favorite hobby: Hanging with the wife and kid, cooking, and of course gaming
Your favorite movie: Not sure I have one. I like a lot of movies
Games you play: BF4, BF Hardline, other games on Steam, and soon BattleFront and The Division
How many hours a week are you online: As much as possible, I have a family and work and work an 8 hour shift M-F
Your previous squad/team: WCC (West Coast Cantina)
Why did you leave your last squad: I didn't leave, I don't think I'm even booted yet. They play CS Source and I don't play anymore. I was an Admin for the server
How long have you been playing in our server: Don't recall but I am a regular there and I'm on the top 10
Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: Cause you guys are awesome. And there's a bunch of Asians on 47 and in the server
Tell us about you: I am married. Have a son. Majored in Fire Science and Fire Fighting. Work an 8 hour office job. Don't really want to get into why I'm not a firefighter but yeah. Game a lot when I can. Have a pretty good PC and I like to build my own. Built mine and my wife's. Turning 27 this year I think? Like to chill and one day be an Admin for 47 if possible. I like enforcing rules and taking care servers from douche bags and I stated above, I was an Admin for WCC.

Thanks for everyone's time and consideration!
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The 47 Ronin

from me .... GET JUAN DEAGED BITCH!...!! :p War 1 - 0 Chicken xD


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would you like to speak to sumboo deeee? Glad you decided to finally get on the forums man! Stay active in pub and in forums and we review your application. Stay patient during this process as it is not a super fast process.


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Awesome! Thanks for replying guys. yeah I'll stay active. I know how all this recruitment process isn't quick. Thanks again for the consideration.