Like Pure I currently am a combat engineer. I plan on making a career of the military, but as an officer, hopefully in Artillery or Infantry.

As for dream jobs? Well hell being in the military is pretty much the most bad-ass job ever.

I do want to do Wildland fire fighting and this next summer I should be on a crew to do that.

As for looong term, I love politics and would be really interested in doing that at some point. Being the President some day would be sweet....and not because I'm in love with myself and think I look great in a suit(which I do) but because I've placed an impossibly high price on my character so I cant be bought or swayed by greed or power. UNLESS I'm being bought in gummy bears...then I will do anything!


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Combat Engineer sounds bad ass... Aside from winning the lottery.... haha I'd like to be a Software Engineer/Web Developer/System Administrator/Embedded Systems Developer/Database Administrator. I'm about to finish up my CE degree in march and will apply for grad school next fall. I am also taking extra classes for web development and system administration, but I'd be pretty happy with any of those careers. Anybody got some entry level positions opening up next year? lol


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My dream career is to make it as a bass player in a super badass rock band. I'm working hard to make money and save so I can achieve that goal. Also writing music and playing in local bands will hopefully help me hone the skills I need to perform in front of a national audience. I guess we'll find out, eh guys? :)